Print Shop

Prints of selected paintings can be ordered by contacting the artist. Regarding NFTs, Lente Scura doesn't provide the option to sell work as NFTs or sell the options for NFTs. Works are sold as prints. 

Print Infomation

  • "Watermark" is removed on print after purchase for printing and shipping.
  • Medium: Digital Art/Painting using Photoshop and Corel Painter
  • Sized: 9X12", 11X14", 12X16", and 16X20." All prints have a two-inch white border added beyond the actual size. For example, 9X12" with a board is 11X13." 
  • All prints are printed on a Hahnemühle William Turner Watercolor (Giclee Photo Prints).
  • The artist signs all variations.
  • All size variations have a limited print run of twenty-five as first editions, each numbered within its size allotment. 
  • No additional print runs after the first edition.


All works of Lente Scura are for sale only through the artist, including NFTs. Any works of the artist should be by them only, and any work not by the artist or works of the artist but not sold by them is not permissible. Works that are Lente Scura that have been sold, are listed for sale, have been published, have received or been given permission by Lente Scura, or Lente Scura were commissioned by a third party. 

All the best,

Lente Scura