Frequently Asked Questions


Are works digital or traditional media such as oil or watercolor?

  • All works are digital.  All works are a mixture of digital painting and photo editing. The technique is commonly known as a “painter-over.”  Lente Scura uses a form of the paint-over technique, combining digital editing and painting techniques with traditional painting techniques and concepts.


Can one purchase a digital version of a painting?

  • No.  All work sold is shipped as a print.


Are works signed by the artist?

  • Yes.  All prints are signed by the artist.


Are works numbered?

  • Yes.  All paintings that are for sale are numbered.  First edition paintings have a run of fifty prints. Second edition prints have a run of twenty-five.  Third edition prints have a run of ten. After the third print run of any work, future prints are printed as a special edition and runs for special editions are lower than that of a regular print run. Once the special edition run has been reached for a painting, the painting falls into the status of “out of print.”


Are all works by Lente Scura for sale?

  • No. Only selected works that the artist has authorized for sale. One can contact the artist via the Contact page and inquire about a painting from the artist’s collection.


How many prints can one order of a painting?

  • One per customer of any work.


Can one sell or resell a print?

  • No.  Prints are not for resell by the individual who purchases the print or by any individual who acquires a print in general.


How long does it take to receive a print?

  • About two weeks.  All works are shipped using either UPS or FedEx. Prints are shipped in a timely manner and shipped with care.  If one doesn’t receive their print within the time allotted upon purchase, they need to contact the artist via the Contact page.  All shipping issue will be addressed within a twenty-four hour period and in a prompt manner.


Will other items such as calendars, coffee mugs, T-shirts, and etc be available for sale?

  • At this time only prints.  There are plans to offer for sale an art book of selected works. Details of such a book will be released at a later date.


Are works cited?

  • Yes. All works have a citation.  Lente Scura uses stock images.  Equally, Lente Scura uses stock images that the artist creates through photo shoots with models.  The citation is listed with the work and one can see examples of such citation on the following websites that list the artist’s works.